“A Blog is Born”

About 10 years ago, two fellow newspaper reporters and I nearly became a headline.

It was lunchtime and we fancied a joint not far from downtown. Piling into a buddy’s Toyota, we hit the road.

A cloud had burst over Tulsa. Drops were falling faster than the wipers could remove them. Long, narrow puddles formed on grooves in the highway, and cars whizzed past at a rate that belied the conditions.

Inside our vehicle, we kept the conversation measured so not to disturb the driver. Although the paper could have used the copy, a triple fatality wasn’t in our best interests.

Then, time blurred.

Rubber lost contact with the pavement, sending us spinning like a Tilt-A-Whirl at the state fair.  An accordion-like impact seemed imminent. Knees up, I pushed my feet firmly against the seatback.

But while panic reigned in the rear, tranquility was riding shotgun. My friend raised his palm to the car’s roof and uttered three syllables barely above a whisper.

“Here we go.”

After smacking a guardrail, the vehicle came to rest facing traffic. Miraculously, we emerged unbruised. A decade later, the anecdote still crops up in conversation, particularly when there’s a quorum among the players. Each retelling gives way to laughter.

That is the goal of this blog. To create a product as enriching as milk but with no expiration date.

So, buckle up. Check the tread on your Firestones. And enjoy the ride.

Here we go.


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