Aerobics is a lot like the Rate-A-Record segment on American Bandstand.

It has a good beat and you can exercise to it.

At the local YMCA, nobody churns out the hits like Jamie.

She teaches Turbo Kick, which is described as a mixture of intense kickboxing and Hip Hop. About 15 months ago,  I became serious about fitness when my good and bad cholesterol turned ugly.

So I cut down on the Cokes and chocolate chip cookies and purchased a membership to the Y. Between Step aerobics and Turbo, I average three classes a week.

Jamie is the reason I keep coming back.

“I always said that if I could get paid to work out, I would,” she said this week after a class. “But it never really occurred to me that I could.”

Jamie brings tornadic energy and boundless enthusiasm, barking like a sergeant when students disappoint, high-fiving them when they excel. Typically in the audience, punching and kicking in the front row, is her mother, Bobbi.

“It has been her passion to be able to do it, and she has made it happen,” Bobbi said of her daughter, who over the years has played competitive volleyball, soccer, tennis, even rugby.  “I have watched her against a lot of odds actually make her dream come true.”

Bobbi’s presence is equal parts maternal support, personal fitness and peace of mind.

“…There’s lot of Parkinson’s in my family, and I wanted to make sure if I got it, I would be strong,” she said.

Strength of purpose is a must for Turbo.
“I  had a Marine do it. He only came once,” Jamie said. “I think a lot of men are intimidated by it. They think that’s what the girls do and they can’t keep up with the music and they just don’t try. Some don’t realize just how good a workout it is.”
I do, Jamie. See you next week.

2 thoughts on “Turbocharged

  1. I love Turbo but it sure is hard ~….if you are going to eat those OREO cookies you gotta stay with it! xo now i feel like I have to start it up again….thx!

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