Arts and Entertainment District

When the mood drags at a gathering of family or friends, our son takes over.

He attaches a harmonica to a holder made from a coat hanger, slides in front of a keyboard and starts playing Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.”

Within seconds, inhibitions dissolve into rounds of rollicking song.

That’s what music does to people.

Where we live, sixth-graders are told not to bother joining the band without a seven-year commitment. They never want to leave.

Band took our son to events such as the Rose Parade and cities such as Atlanta, Indianapolis and Las Vegas. But even when the marching stopped, the love of music lingered.

Same with chorus and our daughter, who sports Etta James pipes on a gymnast frame.

A few days ago, she and a state jazz choir commanded an audience of several thousand near Oklahoma City. This week, it’s a performing arts center in Tulsa. March is Dallas and a seven-state choral extravaganza.

Sports are great.

They teach discipline and teamwork and dedication.

But as the body fades and bursitis sets in, shooting a basketball becomes a pain. A trained voice and musician can perform forever.

Support the arts.


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