Tick Tock

I opened the refrigerator the other day and glaring at me from the bottom shelf was a clear, 2-liter bottle of Coke.

The contents couldn’t have filled a medicine dropper.

Yes, I live in Teenagerville, where whimsy reigns and logic wanes.

Empty containers are returned to the icebox. Trash begs to be taken out, and nobody notices. Knives dipped in peanut butter never get wiped before entering the sink.

This may be the only house where showers start at 10:45 p.m., just late enough for already-in-bed parents to hear the water trickle downstairs.

Upstairs, where our kids reside, the thermostat is routinely askew four to five degrees, and light bulbs burn long after they’ve helped someone see.

And what teenagers let  you in on their plans?

“Dad, you may want to put your pants back on. Tina just pulled up outside. We’re going to play X-Box.”

I’ve lived with at least one of these creatures for going on seven years. The youngest turns 20 in 2015.

Give me strength.


8 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. yes, strength. I completely agree….& the shower deal, hilarious! Mark & I can just get curled up and close our eyes when alas we hear that plug release & water starts for flow………..teenville. I think we will miss it one day though.
    ps. love your writing.

  2. A call from my 23 year old son got us out of bed this am. He was out of gas – dad bailed him out. The next call came from our married daughter – had I sent her care package yet? It never stops!!!!

  3. I love opening up the snack closet to see that none are needed as the closet is full.
    Only to come back from grocery shopping, make room for chips I’ve just bought only to find that all the boxes are empty….OH WELL…don’t complain to me that there is nothing to snack on. Or to grab a can of soda in the fridge that someone has put on the top shelf only to find out it’s open and has just spilled all over my brand new shirt!

  4. We were empty nesters for about ten years and that just meant that we traveled more frequently to their abode, always taking food, money and gifts…… now with a new youngster…. let’s see….. we will be empty-nesters again in 2028 (you know who will be in his late 70’s!) – oh my! As you know we LOVE our lot in life! Thanks for your wonderful stories.
    Love you all,

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