To the list of authors who’ve had works banned, a register that includes Mark Twain, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Kurt Vonnegut, we can add another name.


Over the weekend, I stayed in a Sheraton Hotel in Dallas. And like hundreds of other guests Saturday morning, I scurried to the bank of computers in the lobby to access the blog generating all the buzz: “Here We Go.”

There was one problem. The website was blocked.

Puzzled, I leaned in to examine the fine print. Glaring back at me was the reason.

“Content analysis category: sexual education.”


This is what’s wrong with censorship.

Somebody installs a cookie-cutter filter. It tags an “objectionable” word, and just like that, a line is drawn that readers are forbidden to cross.

If it’s happening at a hotel in Dallas, you can bet it’s happening at a Starbucks in Denver, a train station in Chicago, a library in Laramie.

Millions of words, inaccessible, pushed to the curb like trash, rotting.

It stinks.


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