Lights Out

Steve Jobs was a pioneer.

His genius at Apple put instant information at our fingertips, changing the way we think, act and socialize.

He also helped people like me sleep.

I’ll explain.

My wife is a pathological reader. If you laid the books she has devoured end to end, they would stretch from here to Venus. She reads in the love seat, on the couch, in the passenger seat of the car. She sometimes falls asleep in the den clutching a book or Kindle.

But when she read in bed, we got crossways.

The table lamp on her side illuminated not only her novel but the entire room, keeping me up. That changed with the iPad.

Now when I crawl under the sheets, it’s like entering a cave, the glow of the screen barely disturbing the darkness.

Rest in peace, Steve.

Not only did you revolutionize the world, you strengthened a marriage.


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