Back in high school, the seconds just before tipoff of a basketball game used to put me in a quandary.

Protocol dictated that you shook hands with the opponent. The question was how?

Was it a regular handshake, a soulshake, a grasp with one hand and a slight tap with the closed fist of the other? Sometimes, it was the light slap of the palms.

The style seemed to change every year.

I value, and have taught my children, the importance of a firm handshake. It commands respect and signals you mean business.

But greetings, in general, can be awkward.

For some men who are friends, a handshake isn’t enough. They go in for a half-hug accompanied by a pat on the back.

Hugs for women friends are never wrong, a peck on the cheek even better. Lip kisses are usually reserved for relatives and people you’ve known for a long time.

Whatever you do, remember a few things.

Be comfortable. Be consistent. And keep the limp wrists at home.


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