A day at the (ball)park

I closed my eyes Sunday and it could have been 40 years ago.

People sat in lawn chairs behind the backstop fence. Parents shouted encouragement from the bleachers. Bats pinged and gloves popped.

Everything seemed similar except the players were softball girls instead of Little League boys.

It used to be derogatory to tell somebody they threw like a girl.

Not any longer.

The young women I saw were polished players who had put years of instruction to excellent use. A shortstop fielded and threw in one fluid motion. Another player dove headfirst on dirt as hard as concrete in a race to second base. Someone also headbutted her way into my niece, who held on to the ball for the out.

At the plate, balls were hit squarely instead of by accident. One was stung so hard it left the yard in a couple of seconds.

It wasn’t baseball but it was good ball.

Bravo, ladies. You are doing the sport proud.


2 thoughts on “A day at the (ball)park

  1. Woo Hoo! People who don’t watch softball (or their daughters play it) don’t realize how much hard work it is! That whole “you throw like a girl” thing is a joke in our house because we know that girls can throw HARD! I have 2 that play softball and a boy little leaguer and I love it all! It definitely brings back simpler times and memories! Thank you for the shout out!

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