Things I Wish I Understood.

1. Teens who wear pants so loosely they have to hold them up. Does anything look more idiotic?

2. Passengers who spring to their feet the moment a jet arrives at the gate. Read another page of your book. Text some friends. Change your Facebook status. It’s going to be a while.

 3. Television producers who insist upon using unorthodox camera angles during basketball games, especially views from the rafters. There’s a reason the elevated midcourt angle has been used forever. It’s the best one.

4. Motorcyclists who don’t wear helmets. Cars have airbags and a hard outer shell. Motorcycles are launching pads for brain injuries. Ask Gary Busey.

5. Tongue studs. Call me old-fashioned but anything that changes the way you speak is too radical.

6. Businesses with no phone numbers on their websites.

7. Security guards with attitude. “May I see your ID?” Cut me some slack. I’ve worked here 20 years.

8. TV journalists who ask a question, then interrupt the answer. Ann Curry, of the Today Show, is among the worst offenders.

9. Pedestrians who cross at intersections without looking. Do you have a death wish?

10. Pretty much anything to do with cars, computers and carpentry.


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