The beauty of blogging is that you can write what you damn well please.

But that comes with a caveat, which is this: If your audience is zero, nobody gives a shit.

So every entry is a balancing act. Offend and you risk readers. Appease the masses and you appear phony.

Let’s be clear here.

On days I publish, which is every few, traffic is modest. On days I don’t, this site tanks.

As a result, my daily readership chart looks like several hands giving me the finger.

Thursday, however, was different. On a day I didn’t blog, my traffic spiked.

I’m still searching for the reason. In the meantime, I’ll keep writing.

I hope you keep reading.


6 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Write on, Rhett! 🙂
    FYI – A few weeks past, the link from fb to your blog was broken. The reader was directed to the origination site for the blog, not to your blog.
    I WANT to read your thoughts and to hell with PC!!! You go ahead and run with the big dogs and if the rest of us can’t take it, we will just have to stay on the porch!
    (I wish you would write something every day.)

    • Thanks, Verrell, for the kind words. Originally, this blog had more content because I thought I’d found the source of the sudden spike. But alas, I couldn’t confirm my suspicion so I had to shorten it. I wish, too, I could write something every day, but holding down a full-time job makes it too difficult. I don’t want to throw just anything out there. Thanks for reading.

  2. i’m always here~ i have the same issue with my blog….sometimes it’s a hit other times “nothing”….but for some reason when I just “write” and don’t think at all… i get big responses. Please keep writing…and yes, write MORE! 🙂

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