I know why American Airlines is in bankruptcy.

Its service blows.

A few years back, I spent an eternity on a AA runway before the flight was canceled, ruining my weekend baseball trip to St. Louis.

Last week on a trip out of country, the airline proved woefully inept again.

On the first leg, the air conditioning was on the fritz, and the drink service didn’t begin to stir until more than an hour in.

On the way back, we pushed away from the terminal and sat an hour before taking off. On the final leg to Dallas, another 60-minute delay.

To top it off, we had to deal with Mr. Jolly, a flight attendant who apparently thought he was at “The Improv.”

He poured coffee from a height of two feet, gave out “souvenir” cups and asked you to “try for a three-point shot” when discarding trash. I expected him to start making balloon animals.

Nobody was amused.

I never have these experiences on Southwest.

I don’t think that’s a coincidence.


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