Doing it my way

Every year, the government sends you a statement showing your year-by-year earnings.

Turns out I’m not that much better off than I was in 1985.

Which is why I stretch every dollar.

As a kid, Thanksgiving and Christmas used to be my favorite times of the year. Yes, it was nice having family together. But it was the leftovers that rocked. All that ham, potato salad and stuffing meant my meals were planned for a week.

I’m the same way today.

Casseroles, hamburgers, spaghetti. To me, just about everything tastes as good the second and third time around, especially when you know you’re saving money.

The conservation extends to the bathroom.

The business end of the anti-perspirant has to crumble and fall to the floor before I even think about buying more. Containers of skin conditioner, shampoo and hair gel all get turned upside down when they are close to empty.

My car is 12-years-old. The last time I purchased a new one, I was a bachelor.

Here’s to doing more with less. I can’t imagine it any other way.


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