Mother’s Day message

I don’t have “MOM” tattooed on my forearm, but her imprint on my life is just as indelible.

Jan Morgan taught legions of students as a career educator, but her best work was with her own children.

l learned how to mash potatoes from my mother. I learned so well that my son won’t let anyone else make the dish at home.

She taught me the power of the written word and that a job worth doing is worth doing well.

She demonstrated that strength and intelligence are the best qualities in a woman. I found those traits in an Oklahoma girl and married her.

We’re closer than ever today, even though we live six hours apart.

She keeps me in hand-picked pecans and our family in handmade quilts. She’s too nice to us at Christmas.

Last October, I went to a World Series game for the first time. Standing in the cold, my mother was by my side, as she as always been.

Do me a favor tomorrow.

If your mother lives close, hug her. If she doesn’t, call her. If she’s gone, think of her.

Happy Mother’s Day.


6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day message

  1. “Your upbringing always tells on you.” -Inas Whittaker
    Rhett, you are a great tribute to your mother. It was a pleasure to read your thoughts today.

  2. I have come to know your mom just in the last few years, and I can say that your words are right on target! You gave her a lovely and well-deserved tribute for Mother’s Day.

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