At the movies

I took in a matinee Sunday, envisioning two hours of fun with the family.

What followed, however, hardly qualified.

During the previews, a dude about two rows in front of us mistakes his cell phone for a megaphone, shouting his conversation for 10 minutes.

The movie starts just soon enough for my daughter to begin developing whiplash from the child who won’t stop kicking the back of her seat.

Down near floor level, a toddler intermittently cries, whines and crawls back and forth on what has to be a filthy stretch of carpet near the exit door. I wait for the parents’ civility to kick in. It never does.

What is wrong with you people? Were you raised by hyenas?

This isn’t Rugrats. If you can’t control control your children, take them to the lobby. Better yet, stay home.

A little consideration goes a long way.


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