Ready to Eat?

To me, nothing brings home a memory like a dish.

So with my mother in town, I asked her to make a childhood favorite, stovetop sweet corn.

We went outside to a patio table and prepared to prepare, fetching grocery sacks for the cobs and newspapers to catch the mess.

As I peeled potatoes, I watched her work.

She shucked the corn and silked it. Then she sliced the kernels from the cob, massaging it with the knife to extract the the squeezins that sometimes squirted into my eye.

On to the kitchen, where the bacon grease cried to join the party. Mom added water, some pinches of salt.

All that was left was nurturing over a flame.

We took the ham out of the oven. I added mashed potatoes and my wife a broccoli-grape salad. Sherry said the corn tasted like dessert.

Everything was so good. With family around, it always is.


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