The other Jack Morgan

A definite buzz permeated the Morgan household Monday.

One of our own — my nephew Jack — was on network television on a show called American Ninja Warrior.

ANW puts competitors through a series of quirky obstacles designed to test their athleticism.

Jack, who has a background in gymnastics, survived an event in St. Charles, Mo., and advanced to Dallas, where he placed third, qualifying him for the televised finals in Las Vegas in a few weeks.

When I saw how Jack fared, I called the kids and wife upstairs and replayed the highlights for them. Andrea took a picture of the TV screen showing his standing among his peers, later posting something about it on Facebook.

Our joy was pure and enriched by perspective.

Jack never saw the grandfather for whom he was named. Through no fault of his own, he has experienced a rocky 23 years. I ache for what Jack has seen and had to endure.

But helped by the love of his extended family, he has persevered.

I’m told he wants to be a stuntman. I wouldn’t bet against him.

Especially not in Vegas.


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