Punk bastards

My heart aches for Karen Klein.

Klein is a 68-year-old school bus monitor from New York state.

Her video on YouTube has focused a keen eye on bullying.

If you haven’t watched it, you should. It is a verbal stoning the likes of which I’ve never witnessed.

In the 10-minute clip, middle schoolers pelt her with insults from every imaginable direction.

They mock the way she sweats and tell her to “Shut the fuck up.” They call her a troll, a fat ass.

They speak of things that are unspeakable.

“Why is there water on your face?” one of the punks says.

“Because I’m crying.”

There is nothing as cowardly and indecent as preying on the weak, the defenseless. This is not child’s play, the innocent work of juveniles.

These are savages who need to be taught a lesson.

Had this been my mother, I would be in an orange jumpsuit now, awaiting bail.

I am outraged. I am ashamed.

We should all be.


4 thoughts on “Punk bastards

  1. So painful to watch. I could not get through the 10 minutes of video, unimaginable how this poor woman could endure this abuse.

  2. I felt awful after watching that video, but I am glad that Karen Klein is getting somewhat of a happy ending. I think she deserves it and I’m glad that she is donating some of that money to charity and good causes. I wrote an article yesterday about her story and the power of the Internet and social media. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:



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