Olympic blahs

I caught Summer Olympics fever in 1976.

The world went head over heels for charming and perky Romanian Nadia Comaneci, who won three gold medals and became the first female gymnast to post a perfect “10.”

For the United States, Bruce Jenner made his way onto a Wheaties box by taking the decathlon, the most grueling of all competitions. And the U.S. boxing team was fabulous. Five boxers won gold, including “Sugar” Ray Leonard and the Spinks brothers from St. Louis, Michael and Leon.

I still watch The Games, but they mean less to me now.

Part of it is I’m no longer a teenager and have more demands on my time. It also doesn’t help that everything is tape-delayed, so finding out the results beforehand is an inevitability.

And then there’s Jenner.

The most ubiquitous link to that era is a bit player on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” complete with a bad haircut and disfigured face.

So, congratulations to our Michael Phelps, now the most decorated Olympian of all time. Missy Franklin, you’re a corker.

But I can’t help it. The London of 2012 just doesn’t compare to the Montreal of ’76.


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