Boy Meets Girl

On the sugar-white sands of the Florida Panhandle, sweetness walked right to up to him.

She wore sunglasses and a swimsuit straight out of Sports Illustrated.

His eyes couldn’t turn away.

Flirting ensued, along with an invitation out. At the clubs, they held hands under the table and their bodies tightly on the dance floor.

A week passed.

Vacation over, they returned home, she to Oklahoma and he to Tennessee, promising to see each other again.

They did.

But in between, they wrote each other stacks of letters. He ran up $200-a-month phone bills. Eight hours apart, they longed to be together forever.

At Christmastime, he popped the question. She said yes.

They married in a Tulsa church August 8, 1987.

Twenty-five years ago today.


4 thoughts on “Boy Meets Girl

  1. Awwwhhh. One of the greatest things about being married to a writer is reading sweet things like this. Love you!

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