Twitter-dee, Twitter-dumb

To keep f-bombs and other salty language from reaching air, live television has like a two-second delay.

My delay is about two years when it comes to technology.

Texting. Facebook. Skype. iPhones. Doesn’t matter. When innovation walks in, I’m typically out to lunch.

So it was with Twitter, which I finally joined yesterday.

First of all, holy shit. This place is a rush.

It’s like drinking information through a beer bong, the contents come at you so quickly. And unlike Facebook, Twitter has a swagger. Instead of friending a neighbor or high school crush, you’re following Emmy award-winners and multi-platinum recording artists.

How much value to attach to all of this, I’m still unsure. The minute-to-minute musings of spoiled athletes and actors can get old. As with anything, moderation is the key.

In the meantime, though, I’m going for a test drive — at least until the new-car smell wears off.

By then, maybe I’ll be leading instead of following.


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