Look At Us

While checking out my profile in the mirror today, I came to a conclusion, which is this.

We need to get over ourselves.

Self-absorption, once the realm of the rich and famous, has gone viral, with mainstreamers from Wheeling to Eugene pleading to be read, heard or seen via the Internet.

The stage is so crowded, it’s hard to distinguish the stars from the extras.

But that doesn’t keep anyone from auditioning.

While not the worst offender, I, too, am guilty. A prime example was July.

Vacationing in Italy, touring breathtaking landscapes and ruins as old as Christ, I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to update my blog.

This is ridiculous and needs to stop. Time to cut the cord.

I’m reaching for the “off” button.

Almost there.


Hand cramp.

Reaching again.

I’m going to push, I swear it.

Damn bladder. Back in a sec.

Now I’m ready.

This is going to happen. Let’s count it down.




Who am I kidding?

@rhettnetwork is my address on Twitter. Thanks for reading.


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