Hit and Miss

My longtime co-worker and former podmate, Jay Cronley, has written a slew of books, several of which have been made into movies.

One scene in Funny Farm is particularly telling to me.

It involves Chevy Chase’s character, Andy Farmer, a sportswriter who has moved with his wife to the Vermont countryside to write a novel.

Exhilarated by his new venture, Andy sequesters himself in an upstairs room, opens a window and delights in the song of a bird. Then, moments after hitting a keystroke, he hits a mental wall.

The blank page is a prison, and he’s serving what seems like a life term. Soon, the chirping bird wears the author’s coffee.

To write, you need emotion, empathy, inspiration. You need a workmanlike resolve.

Sometimes, all are just out of reach.

Today, I am Andy Farmer. Tomorrow, perhaps I won’t be.


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