Sunday morning

IMG_0114There is a reason why crooners such as Lionel Richie and Adam Levine have romanticized about Sunday mornings.

It is the most perfect time of the week.

You ease into a Sunday morning as you would a comfy pair of slippers. With work commitments gone, the body relaxes, the mind frees.

My day started around family, chatting up the wife and watching my son gift-wrap lemon squares he’d made from scratch. We took in our favorite magazine show on CBS, enjoying segments that made the heart soar.

Afterward, I took a run, accompanied only by my shadow and heavy breathing.

With solitude comes clarity.

I took in the smell of burning leaves, the sound of a distant train, dogs barking. An older woman in her housecoat picked up trash by her mailbox. Flags on front porches waved in the wind.

The thumping in my chest quickens.

I arrive home. It is Sunday morning and life is beautiful.


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