On the seventh day

Great journalism should entertain, enlighten and move us.

In that regard, CBS News’ Sunday Morning never disappoints.

This television magazine has been part of my weekend routine since it debuted in 1979. Charles Kuralt was the host then. Nowadays, it is the bow-tied Charles Osgood.

In the interim, the show never has lost its edge. Today’s episode was a prime example.

Among other tidbits, I learned that:

–Warren Buffett, the native Nebraskan whose worth is valued at $46 billion, eats at McDonald’s and drives a 5-year-old Cadillac. He doesn’t own an iPad or an iPhone.

The 82-year-old also is an eternal optimist.

“What’s right about America dwarfs what’s wrong in Washington (D.C.),” he said.

–President Warren Harding’s death in office led to a unique inauguration of Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge was sworn in at 2:47 in the morning in the sitting room of his childhood home. Doing the honors was the local notary public, his father.

—President John Adams was the only Founding Father who didn’t own a slave.

–Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to leave the country, looking in on the construction of the Panama Canal.

–Highclere Castle is the “real” Downton Abbey.

The episode also touched on the death of Dear Abby, the release of the new Corvette Stingray and what, in famed author David McCullough’s mind, makes an outstanding president.

Scenes and sounds from Yellowstone National Park closed the show in Sunday Morning’s signature nature segment.

The 90 minutes passed like 15.

Time well spent, as always.


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