Back when I dated, my girlfriend had a voice I could hear, skin I could touch, lips I could kiss.

That meant she was real.

Nowadays, a pathetic segment of society is being duped by the digital age.

Catfish, the television show, documents instances in which people get romantically involved with fake online personas.

Tyler, the latest sucker, was featured Monday.

A strapping young Michigan man, he tells interviewers that for two years he’s been communicating on Facebook with Amanda Miller, a fetching blonde from Kalamazoo.

Although their chats are mostly innocent, the conversations sometimes turn graphically sexual. Unbelievably, the two never meet or  speak on the phone because Amanda says she doesn’t have a cell phone. Ever heard of a landline?

In an effort to find her, show producers do a little digging. They Google the photos purported to be of Amanda and find out they belong to an old MySpace account. They call other men who have chatted with Amanda and discover she has never spoken to them, either.

A meeting is arranged between Amanda and Tyler, and well, you can guess the rest.

“Amanda,” the online Heidi Klum, turns out to be Aaron, a pudgy gay dude in glasses. We learn that Aaron is a pathological liar who, in seven years, has spoken online to more than to 100 guys as Amanda.

Of his alter ego, he tells the audience, “It feels better than being myself.”

Here’s an idea, people. Grow a brain.

An online relationship is an oxymoron. Get off the couch and keyboard and rub elbows with some flesh and blood. Smile when smiled at. Return a gaze. Make someone laugh. You just may land a date.

Isn’t that better than being humiliated on national television?


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