Downton Abbey

I haven’t been this mesmerized by a soap since I scheduled my college classes around As the World Turns.

Then, the lure was the fictional town of Oakdale and the acting chops of Julianne Moore, Meg Ryan and Marisa Tomei, all of whom have gone on to stellar Hollywood careers.

Now, it is Downton Abbey from which I can’t turn away.

I hadn’t heard about this phenomenon until early this year. But in the past three weeks, the missus and I have  watched all three seasons, ignoring household chores to squeeze in episodes.

Thanks to Abbey, I now know the difference between a first and second footman and that valet rhymes with ballot. The characters are built with as much care as the mansion in which these aristocrats reside. And the writers are deft with a storyline.

But the magic to this show is dynamic between the nobles and the servants. A maid doing her Ladyship’s hair one moment is giving marital advice the next.

 Season Three ended Sunday. So it will be a while before I get to see the Dowager Countess again.

Withdrawals have begun.



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