Grammatically speaking

Decades ago when I rode in the back seat of my friend’s Trans-Am, songs were played on cassettes and piped through amplified Bose speakers.

The sound was amazing and so were the groups. One of my favorites was April Wine, a Canadian rock band that played a tune called “Just Between You and Me.”

The song was a hit with fans, as well as with English teachers, who found the rockers correct use of objective pronouns exemplary.

I’m just going to come out and say it. I’m a language snob.

Most mothers advise their children to eat their peas or sit up straight. Mine, as my high school English instructor, lectured me on antecedents and dangling modifiers. 

Casual conversation is different.

What friends say over dinner should flow like a good Merlot. Trip over subject-verb agreement, the use of lie/lay? No worries. You have a mulligan.

But if words are your life, make it worth living.

Eliminate the waste and invigorate the page. Don’t get pulled over by the grammar police.

Your audience will appreciate it.


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