A business proposition

A hard-working farmer, my grandfather liked to reference ranching when talking about a tough decision.

He called it “gettin’ down to the nut-cuttin.'”

I know just what he means.

We’ve been either planning or doing a home renovation since the fall.

The courtship stage rocks. You attend some open houses, get wowed by what you see and pick a designer accordingly.

He then pitches a vision and the anticipation grows. Small talk comes easy.

“Ah, so you went to college back East? So did a relative of mine”

Yada. Yada. Yada.

Smiles are exchanged. Everyone enjoys each other’s company.

Then the real fun begins. Money starts leaving the wallet. Dozens of decisions must be made by yesterday. You both work full-time, but nobody’s open on the weekend.

And before you know it, it’s nut-cuttin’ time.

The daily grind of the project, now nearing completion, has worn the nerves raw. You’re not so friendly anymore because a job needs to be done and you’re footing the bill.

Business is business.

Will all the sweat and fears be worth it? I’m confident they will be. 


2 thoughts on “A business proposition

  1. Rhett,
    I’ve enjoyed your blog for a while now. I had to leave a comment because you need to know that I will now try to use this expression at least once a day. LOVE!
    (see you in November!)

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