The Art of Conversation

IMG_0295I won’t lie.

Information technology fascinates me.

I like the way I can trade Scrabble moves with relatives six hours away. I scan Twitter every chance I get.  And I can look up stocks, check the five-day forecast and access my email by manipulating a machine the size of an index card.

But when it comes to communication, I’m still very much old-school.

Nothing beats sidling up to someone and simply listening.

That’s what I did Saturday night.

Art and Peg Edelhoff told me tales of Sugarloaf that had me pining to be a Mainer. I learned that Peg was born the year of the great stock market crash and married at age 20.

Eyes as blue as Paul Newman’s, Art could charm the stink off a pig. He loves the English language so much that he compiled a book about grammar.  He has a soft spot for my wife’s Pretzel Turtles, and, mindful of manners, always asks permission before digging into a burger.

So push away from the laptop and make an appointment with some human interaction.

People may age but their stories are timeless. 


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