PACIFIC, Mo. — I eulogized a nephew yesterday.

Two decades ago, we said goodbye to another one of my brother’s children at the same funeral home.

Neither boy made to his 22nd birthday.

No streets will be named after Joshua Lee Morgan. A statue in his honor is not in the works.

He was an typical teenager with atypical problems, burdens that weighed him down and eventually crushed him.

But Josh had a beating heart and a soul. And judging from the looks of things yesterday, a slew of people he touched.

Kids lined up before the doors opened, waiting to pay respects. They came by the score to mingle, reminisce, grieve.

One boy told me he’d been friends with Josh since second grade. A girl told me she has cried more about him than she did her own grandfather.

All told me he was a decent human being, loyal to the core to the people he loved.

Josh never found his way. It is my hope peers pained by his death will find theirs.


11 thoughts on “Josh

  1. Thank you and your family for sharing Josh’s story. While viewing the musical slide presentation, my sister said it is obvious from the many varied, beautiful photographs ducumenting Josh’s life that he was loved. Cousin KIm

  2. Rhett,
    Mike just asked me about your post… I am just hearing this news! So very sorry to hear about Josh…my thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of the family.
    Tiff Morgan Deimund

  3. Josh, thank you for sharing so poignantly something of Josh and his angst, his struggling and the loss of his battle within. Thank you as well for your love of country and honoring of our veterans. Six years ago our 24-year-old Marine son returned from Iraq where he fought hard in the two grizzly battles of Fallujah. He discharged honorably two months later, and eight months later, like Josh, lost his own hidden, but raging, war within. PTSD, exhaustion, crumbled marriage… some of the things our returning troops are fighting. A loss to sickness of heart and soul is a loss incomprehensible, different from any other kind, and Josh’s death with live on in your hearts, as shall Daniel’s in ours. Hold him closely, learn from him, love him, and share him, as you obviously are. Hold your heads high [you and family] — you continue to give Josh to the world and are a blessing to us all. This comes with love and prayers ongoing, my friend.

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