Alive and kickin’

Molly Shannon, the former queen of physical comedy on Saturday Night Live, played many memorable characters.

My favorite was Sally O’Malley.

Sporting hiked-up pants and a conspicuous camel toe, Sally took great pride in how active she was at her age.

“I like to kick, stretch and kick. I’m 50. Fifty-years-old,” she was fond of saying.

I’m feeling a lot like Sally these days.

Seasoned. Wise. And most of all, unafraid to own where I am in my life.

So at my wife’s urging, I finally did what I should have done in October. I joined the AARP.

Formerly the American Association of Retired Persons, AARP is a country club for the 50-and-older crowd.

Though hardly exclusive at 40 million members, the organization boasts benefits are too good to pass up for the measly $16 annual fee.

Discounts at restaurants, hotels, airlines. Judging by AARP’s newsletter, it seems as if the whole nation is tripping over itself trying to make life easier for me and my ilk.

And all because of a number.

This is the kind of math I can get used to. 



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