Empty Nest

Ever since we dropped our daughter off to college last week in Texas, people have treated me differently.

At every turn, they check my mental pulse, ask me how I’m feeling. Some offer encouraging words of advice or a consoling pat on the back . Others recoil in horror at the prospect of my situation someday becoming theirs.

It’s as if I have stage 4 lymphoma.

To all those concerned, I would like to say something: Chill.

I’m doing great. The missus is fine. The cat is still napping.

IMG_0297Escorting the last child out of the house is not a death sentence. It is a steppingstone.

For 20 some years, you pour your whole being into your kids. Friday night football, marching band Super Regionals, a Tournament of Roses parade, teacher conflicts, state and national vocal concerts, awards assemblies, prom dresses, senior pictures, disappointment, tears, elation, celebrations, graduations.

And then in what seems like an instant, they are gone. But they aren’t really.

Yes, the house may be quieter and rooms cleaner. But you never stop being their parents and they never stop being your kids.

You have put in the work. It’s time to sit back and admire it.


4 thoughts on “Empty Nest

  1. OMG! Im in shock! Your little girl is gone now too!? Sheeit! Where did she end up and go? I know your son saw the light but your girl going to Texas might sting a little. LOL. Now for me. Sage (my sole chicklet) is in NM and an attorney for a legal services group that serves primarily American Indians. Hmmm. Wonder where she got that leaning?!
    You and your wife did a wonderful job, Rhett. You both should be exceedingly proud of both!
    God Bless, buddy.

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