Happy Birthday, “Here We Go”

This blog turns 2-years-old Thursday.

It started on a whim and a MacBook received for Christmas.

I wanted it be a way to discover a different side of myself, an outlet for expression I don’t get in my day job.

In that aspect, it has succeeded.

In this space, I’ve swilled wine in Rome, felt the clear water of the Castor River and attended the World Series. I’ve shucked corn, picked pecans and celebrated a hometown I find dear to this day.

This isn’t TMZ or Duck Dynasty of Face the Nation.

If you crave controversy or like taking sides, change the channel.

But if you prefer life through the eyes of one of the guys, click here. It costs nothing but your time.

And I’ll be around as long as you’ll have me.


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, “Here We Go”

  1. Rhett, belated congratulations on your two year anniversary. It is very lonely out in the bloggy world. There was a time when we had 10,000 visitors a month and a few highs in the 20,000; now, 500 for the month is the norm. Facebook has taken over as the fun and fast way to connect. Ford began our blog in Summer 2005 and we continue to plod along but the interest level has waned. Good luck and hope to read your first book soon!

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