Kid Stuff

IMG_0508It was fun while it lasted.

One month ago, the kids walked in the door, tossed backpacks and laundry sacks aside and hurried to give us a hug, excited to give college a break.

Today, the second of our two children will head back to school, leaving my wife and me alone with our memories.

Empty nesters since August, we had enjoyed our freedom.

But I must admit, it was a thrill getting back on that family bicycle again.

The wife cooked like a fiend, trying out new recipes and perfecting old ones. Jake and Andrea took their traditional places at the table and fought like brother and sister. Everyone parked on the couch to watch movies and catch up on Breaking Bad.

Andrea twerked. Jake cranked up his accordion. Each took turns on the piano. Friends came over and harmonized.

This was home the way it used to be.

I will miss that place — and look forward to its arriving again.



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