A Welcome Change of Pace

Just once on football National Signing Day, I would like to see a high school senior, in front of network cameras and microphones, suddenly don a cap from some college and proclaim:

“I’m going to study architecture at the University of Colorado.”

Or: “I’m taking my talents, along with my proclivity for petroleum engineering, to the University of Houston.

Or: “It was tough but Harvard won me over. Crimson, here I come.”

Just once, I would like to see the scholars get the stage.

This obsession with college football recruiting is getting obscene. Networks carve out segments for it. Newspapers devote truckloads of ink to it.

For a day-in-the-life piece, one publication I saw shadowed a high school hotshot, following him into such challenging classes as “teacher’s aide” and “food prep.”

I’m not anti-opportunity. And believe me, I get it.

These guys will fill parking lots with tailgaters, stadiums with fans and university bank accounts with millions. But sadly, many will depart after three or four years having never sniffed the library.

Just once, I would like someone to throw an appreciative bone to the academic.

Let’s tout the kid who’s going to college for the education instead of the glory, the student whose success will be measured in degrees instead of yards gained.

The face of a university doesn’t have to have a chinstrap attached to it.




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