Joe College

This is what I remember about my college admissions process: practically nothing.

Back then, you narrowed your choices to the university down the block and the one you thought your parents could never afford. And on a Saturday morning, you took your ACT hung over and on four hours sleep, hoping for the best.

That was that.

I can’t even remember my ACT score, but nobody gave a shit. Standards existed but the bar was so low that you could step over it. A college education was affordable, and everyone who had a thirst for knowledge typically had a seat at the table.

Times have changed.

Nowadays, colleges reject applicants faster than the Federal Reserve prints money.

Consequently, a student has to build a portfolio starting about ninth grade. He needs take AP courses by the handful, sing in the choir, toot the sax in the band and play basketball at an all-state level while maintaining a grade-point average that’s off the charts.

The level of angst students can feel about getting into a college can be overwhelming. And it needn’t be.

Parents, here’s what you need to remember. Have your children set realistic goals. If the big state university is too expensive, take the community college route for the general education classes, then transfer.

Select where you want to go to school. Don’t let it choose you.

Higher education isn’t about where you start. It’s about where you end up.



4 thoughts on “Joe College

  1. What I remember:

    2-S Deferment.
    Took some test with tommy mayberry. Taking too long. We filled it out fast. Skipped out to go play pool downtown.
    SEMO offered to refund my admissions check.
    2-S Deferments went poof! Replaced with bingo. Military reserves packed full.
    255!!! BINGO,,, We have a winner.
    Graduated SEMO. All. Like everyone who knew me is in shock. Falling standards at SEMO now verified.


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