Going Dutch

10295706_4253851922417_4955181101416822303_nAMSTERDAM – Everyone here is head over handlebars about one thing: bicycles.

And I mean everyone. Dad. Mom. The CEO in suit and tie headed to an important meeting. The grandma on her way to the market.

This is transportation with a purpose, too, with the purpose being speed. One wayward step into a bike lane could put you on a collision course with the ER.

If you happen to survive, walk to Anne Frank Museum to visit her hiding place during World War II. Or take in the colorful works of a master artist at the Van Gogh Museum.

After absorbing some culture, soak in the sights.

That’s what the Dutch do. Cramped cafes push customers to the sidewalk, where every seat is perched in the sun and pointed toward the street for optimal people-watching.

Rembrandt Square is ideal for plopping down in the grass for some down time. If you prefer smoking grass, the nearby coffee shop dispenses more than java.

Whatever your pleasure, good times abound. Our first night there, an impromptu party broke out on a bridge. About a dozen locals, some sitting in house chairs, gathered around a grill to munch burgers and swill Heinekens.

The vibe is even more laid back at Vondel Park, where it seems as if the entire city has the day off. All you need is a blanket and a swath of shade.

For eats, try the Thai Restaurant on Utrechsestraat 87. The green curry chicken is the bomb.

And at Café de Klos, don’t miss the hearty baked potato and specialty ribs, which are best washed down with a Pilsener.



4 thoughts on “Going Dutch

  1. Well, it appears Europe has changed much then……. My most interesting memory were the Nuns riding the bikes…….Habits flowing behind them……

  2. I think you just found your calling as a travel writer. I not only salivated at the thought of a pilsner in the sunshine while people watching….I am now dying to go where you are…:)) enjoy my friend! Keep us posted with MORE!

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