Pace dog

An unexpected friend, man’s best, trotted into my life today.

A few minutes into my 5K, a dog decided to join me.

He was a black-and-white mutt, with mottled hair and muddy paws. The guy looked as if he’d been around the block a few times, which was a good thing considering my objective.

Shy initially, he was content to follow for the first 100 yards.

But once he sidled up, he appeared in for he long haul.

He darted in and out of my path, falling behind then racing to catch up. When he wasn’t lifting his leg on a tire, he was smelling the butt of a Lab.

His nonstop energy invigorated his running partner. He kept me company — and my mind off my heavy breathing.

He was still with me when we passed the police station and the 2-mile mark. I thought then that he would go the distance.

But as I turned toward the backstretch, he veered toward the pancake house, perhaps lured by the smell of bacon.

Running can be lonely. It wasn’t that way today.





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