Losing My Mind

I have no problem keeping track of anything worthless.

Need me to guard some toothpicks or a box of thumb tacks? I’m your man.

But put me in charge of a wallet, eyeglasses or a cell phone — property that is a pain in the ass to replace — and I suddenly turn magician.

I make things disappear.

My latest trick involved my iPhone 4, which vanished in the final 90 minutes of a six-hour road trip.

The smart phone might have found itself had I activated the GPS function designed for that very emergency. But lucky for me, I didn’t bother. Nor did I think to replicate the data in the Cloud.

This marks the second time in about five years that I’ve lost a cell phone. Two months ago, my spectacles turned up missing. I’ve left behind wallets and credit cards in restaurants more times than I can count.

I wish I had answers. I have only questions.










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