Bad Kitty

IMG_0258Being a light sleeper is no picnic.

I hear locomotives 30 miles in the distance.  I hear the neighbor chewing out his kid for missing curfew. I hear the wind as it introduces a thunderstorm.

Mostly, I hear my cat.

Misty, our 18-pound gray tabby, is my personal nightmare. My first wake-up call this morning came at 2:18, the second at 3:40. At 7, tired of the charade, I staggered out of bed.

First she wanted fresh water (I made the mistake of fetching her water from the tap a few months ago and have regretted it ever since).  The other time, I feigned putting food in her dish, which was already full.

But let’s be real. The main reason Misty bothers me is this: she’s up and I’m not.

I’ve tried to ignore her but she refuses.

To try to get me to stir, she used to flick the door- stop thingy. So I removed it. Now she jiggles the pocket door. Or paws at paper package lying in the floor. Or jumps on the bed and gets in my face.

It is 8 a.m. on a Sunday and I’m on the couch wide awake. Misty is at my feet sound asleep.

Another mission accomplished.


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