41202_1173849124272_7307401_nI never did properly thank my parents for sending me to the university of my choice.

By the time I was old enough to realize their sacrifice, my father was already dead.

But I am so grateful now. Mizzou allowed me to find my calling amid a group of people who are dear friends to this day.

My memories of the University of Missouri could fill Ellis Library.

The Pit. The Hill. Brewer. Study breaks at The Shack. Mud football on Stankowski Field.

Hearnes. J-School. Keggars. Domino’s Pizza. Quarters.

trumanKelly the RA. Tom and his pipe. John and his Amaretto.

Some episodes were so indelible that they took on names: “21st Birthday and the Lost Retainer”;  “The Hickey That Wouldn’t Leave”; “Kansas City, Here We Come.”

If you’re having fun, four years feels like 40 in college.

Which is why when Mizzou lines up against Arkansas today a berth in the SEC championship game, I’ll be bleeding black and gold.






2 thoughts on “M-I-Z…Z-O-U!

  1. My favorite Mizzou grads:
    1. Rhett Morgan
    2. Dave Hunziker
    3. John Anderson

    My favorite Mizzou non-grads:
    1. Brad Pitt

    Mizzou grad I wish had never had children, for the sake of the rest of the country:
    1. Rush Limbaugh Sr.

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