What’s your (our) pleasure?

The best part about getting older — besides the AARP discounts — is the time you get to spend maximizing your marriage, the most important relationship of your life.

With our daughter leaving Friday to continue her college education — the son departed a week earlier —  we poured our Saturday into ourselves.

By 10:20 in the morning, we had a feet up in a reserved seat at the movies. American Sniper, the latest offering from famed, 84-year-old director Clint Eastwood, examines the life of the most successful sniper in U.S. military history.

The baddest of asses, U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle, played by Bradley Cooper, did four tours, protecting and saving thousands of troops with his discretionary trigger finger. That left little time between Cooper and his on-screen wife (Sienna Miller), which were the most poignant scenes of the flick.

After the movie, we enjoyed a bite at a sandwich shop. At a park we walked three miles, bathed in sunshine and the sounds of children playing. Later, we claimed two seats on a patio and solved life’s mysteries over a couple of beers.

That left time for a matinee, Birdman, and some greasy comfort food, coneys and tamales, to close the night.

The nest isn’t so empty, after all.








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