Listening is believing

I have read my share of novels and and dabbled with a Kindle.

But never before last week had I ingested a book by listening.

So, on the way to Texas to visit our daughter, my wife cued up “Gone Girl,” a novel by American writer Gillian Flynn.

It is fun, in a way, to have someone read for you.

Time passes quickly in a car when you’re concentrating on something other than the road. Sharing a book with someone — in this case, my wife — is also enjoyable. Simultaneous giggles and sideward glances can add to the experience.

The narrators, with their different inflections, are a hoot, as well. This book has two readers, a man and woman, because the story is told from two points of view.

Audiobooks, however, have their drawbacks.

If you’re listening in a car, distractions such as braking or passing a tractor-tractor may cause you to miss important plot points.

I, myself, also miss seeing the words, examining the rhythm and variety of sentence structure.

We’re about four hours into a novel that is 400-plus pages. Depending on our future road trips, we may finish around Halloween.

I hope it’s worth the wait.





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