The maturation of a man

10698610_4839024151357_9146647183290766766_nOur son, Jake, had a bedtime ritual when he was a child.

Moments after slipping under the sheets, he would scamper down the stairs in a panic, the expectations of tomorrow weighing on his bony shoulders.

Finding his parents, he would take inventory of his homework and the balance of the week. Did we sign his math paper? Were his vocabulary words in order? Did we know the teachers’ conference was Thursday?

For Jake, sleep could never come until he put to bed his mental checklist. The thought of being unprepared terrified him.

My favorite worrywart graduates from the University of Oklahoma this weekend, and that angst-filled boy bares scant resemblance to the man he has become.

At 22, Jake wears confidence as comfortably as he does a pair of wing tips. Through his tutoring organization, he has helped scores of his peers reach academic heights once considered unattainable. He and roommate Neal have promoted the understanding of depression and other mental illness with a YouTube video and writing platform that stresses empathy.

Jake is a go-getter who has gone out of his way to assist others. He leaves OU better than he found it.

I thought I wanted an athlete for a son. I got a scholar.

Thank God for unanswered prayers.





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