Catching up on nostalgia

I’m as hip as the next guy, if that next guy is white, drives a Camry and lives in suburbia.

But despite my demographic, I do my best to keep pace with pop culture.

Thanks for my wife’s subscription to People magazine, I know that former The Hills stars Heidi and Spencer Pratt are “rebuilding their lives.” My daughter’s penchant for sharing her music catalog means I’m up on the works of artists such as Justin Bieber, Drake and Jason Derulo.

And when it comes to acronyms, IMHO (in my humble opinion) I’ve been apt to go HAM (hard as a motherf***er) on a number of things if I feel so inclined.

I felt so inclined a few weeks ago.

So remembering that YOLO (you only live once), I recently fetched a baseball glove from atop my closet, purchased a ball and brought both to work.

Now, a couple times a weeks, while others are taking coffee or cigarette breaks, I’m playing catch with colleagues who, as I do, miss smell of leather, the pop of the mitt and what it’s like to be a kid again.

I don’t know if our stories have improved but morale sure has.

Who knew that all it took was a seventh-inning stretch?




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