Sam Elliott is grand in The Hero

God was good to actor Sam Elliott.

He blessed him with a mane of hair, Marlboro Man looks and Hall-of-Fame pipes.

But all of those gifts quit giving in The Hero, a film that in part mirrors his real life.

In it, he plays Lee Hayden, an aging actor who is decades removed from his heyday and the one film of which he is proud.

Hayden still can run his hands through his thick hair, but the locks are gray now instead of brown. Divorced, he has a daughter who doesn’t want to talk to him. His agent calls with a lot of voicing offers but never with a job Hayden longs for, a movie role.

All this leaves him time to smoke a ton of weed with his neighbor and former acting friend, Jeremy, played by Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation).

Hayden deals with a grave medical issue in this film, attempts to make amends with his daughter and develops a love interest with a much younger Charlotte, portrayed by Laura Prepon (Orange is the New Black).

While The Hero is sprinkled with comedy, it is largely about mortality and regret, resonating with men of a certain age who find they can’t do anything as well as they once did.

It also is the role of the lifetime for Elliott, whose acting chops, for once, outshine his golden throat.



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