Rhett Morgan has been a journalist since 1985, with every one of his working days spent working at a newspaper. He lives in Oklahoma.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Well small world. I re blogged your post after someone shared it on Facebook and I thought you looked familiar. Turns out your my cousin…lol

  2. Rhett I just saw an article on facebook. I grew up in Advance, moved to Tulsa middle of my junior year and graduated at Edison. What a small world to have someone else from Advance in this communnity. Oh and I delivered the Tulsa Tribune and the World for 28yrs. Nuts I know!!
    Erika (Weidenfelder) Robison

  3. Per our earlier conversation, shared link to your site. My dad was the elementary principal in Advance for many years. I am now catching up on previous articles. Great job!

    • You’re Terry’s sister?
      Fantastic. Yes, your Pop was my principal. Heard stories about his “electric paddle,” which scared the living daylights out of everybody in grade school.

      • I am Terry’s older sister. Our other sister married Keith Kinder-drugstore prob closed long before your time but Mrs. Kinder was at school for quite a time. Love, love my baby bro.

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